The Flip and Rollie Band: Livin' the Dream

After playing shows in the beautiful city of San Diego for some time now, Flip and Rollie are raising to the top of the SD music scene in 2009 with their debut album aptly named, 'Adventures of...'.

The band's latest album, showcases Flip and Rollie's insightful yet humorous vocal sketches along with strong harmonies and an eclectic library of styles. With encompassing lyrics and musical influences from Reggae, Jazz, Country, and Folk, the term 'well rounded' seems to be an understatement in the styling this duo

Both acoustic guitars, and smooth vocals create the Flip and Rollie beach ambient mood, while adding perfectly placed violin embellishments to somehow churn out some simply beautiful music. With outstanding tracks like "I Want More," don't be surprised if you find the Flip and Rollie band at the top of the music charts and beyond in the near future.


The Flip and Rollie Foundation

Flip and Rollie are raising money for their own foundation with the help of your contributions of CD and product sales. As a Junior High school teacher, and a Real Estate agent, Flip & Rollie have decided to give back to their community through the Flip & Rollie Foundation. They will be taking 10% of all their proceeds to help this cause. Through our combined efforts we can help many under privileged kids get music lessons and instruments to further their dreams in a music career. Its a worthy cause and we appreciate your support.

Inside: The Flip and Rollie Band

Born and raised on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, Phil Carrillio (Flip) and Ryan Brolliar (Rollie) first met in 6th grade when their cross-town elementary schools combined making the jump to middle school. Ryan was the cool jock guy and Phil was the rebel skater guy.

Both were cocky, arrogant, and thought they were way cooler than they really were.

They tried to avoid each other but their two worlds collided when they started going after each others girlfriends. It was then that they decided it was best to just get along and combine forces. They have been best friends ever since and have always shared a love for music. Their loyal (and usually intoxicated) fans seem to adore them.

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