Flip and Rollie's debut album

The Flip and Rollie Band album cover
Get ready for The Flip and Rollie Band's new album release coming in just a few weeks here on iTunes and CD Baby. If you haven't yet signed up for their  exclusive news letter, and get up to date with the CD release party and video shoot of 'zany antics these guys are up to, do it now. The CD cover shown on the left says it all. It's a perfect depiction of these guys and their fun and energetic personalities.
The CD itself, and the music these two have recorded, is the definition of their lives as the closest friends you could ever find. Click the player to hear some songs from The Flip and Rollie Band. Heck, even write a review and leave some feedback about them.

Press the play button on the player to the right to hear new tracks from The Flip and Rollie Band

After you listen, leave a comment. Just hit the link below and you'll be directed right to their comment page.

1) Gone To Plaid
2) I Want More
3) Change
4) Oh Girl